The Support Network for Women Renunciants in Malaysia and Singapore has been established to help improve the conditions for Theravada nuns residing in these countries (regardless of nationality).

The Network has been established by monastics and lay devotees working together with the intention of bringing women renunciants and their lay supporters into closer contact, so that their monastic lives can be adequately sustained.

The Network also intends to do educational work amongst the local populations to improve their understanding of the history of women renunciants, and their vital role in the life of the Dispensation (Sasana) of the Buddha.

To this end we also intend to support the dissemination of information and publications on this theme, encourage Dhammaduta work, set up nunneries, and establish a training centre.

The long-term intention is to create the necessary conditions so that those who wish to seek Bhikkhuni ordination experience sufficient confidence in their support, both moral and material, for the realisation of their noble aspiration.

Barbara Yen, President,

Marie Tungka, Secretary

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Support Network for Women Renunciants in Malaysia and Singapore

Support Network for Women Renunciants in Malaysia and Singapore


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Sister Barbara,
    This is Bhikkhuni Lieu Phap from Vietnam. Last time I talked to you on the phone when I was in KL. Very happy to know that a center is opened for Theravada Buddhist women in Malaysia. Hope we can attend the inaugration ceremony.
    This is our website, now available in English.
    Please list our Arama in the list of Places of Bhikkhunis.
    Thank you and warm regards.
    We also have an anouncement of the upcoming Bhikkhuni and Samaneri Ordination in Vaishali in July. If possible, please convey this announcement to others.

    • Dear Bhikkhuni Lieu Phap, I went to the link for your website and could only find the Vietnamese language version.
      Perhaps when someone has time, they could post the link to the English part of the site.
      I have a website for my new vihara in Adelaide South Australia and will be happy to post the link there.
      If you and the Gotami vihara websites would like to cross link to me, my website is
      thank you

      • Dear Sis, the link is added, I am unable to change the link to Bhikkhuni Lieu Phap’s site as it is broken, I tried every combination I could think of but couldn’t get to an English page.

      • Skht Ven. Anandajoti. Which link is added pls?
        Ven. Santachari was asking if we would like to link to theirs. How do we do the link, Ven? Tqsm

  2. Dear Mdm,
    I am a Dhamma pursuer from Singapore. After reading books written and translated by Bhante Bhikku Bodhi and Ajanh Thanissaro, i became extremely interested in the Therevadan tradition of Buddhism. I have been wanting to meet with bhikkhunis in Singapore as im hoping to create conditions for my future entry into the bhikkunis Sangha after my graduation from law school. But unfortunately, i have not had chance to meet any. Am also not sure if there is any Theravadin nunnery in Singapore. Would really appreciate if you could help in whatever way you can. Thank you


    • Dear Elycia,

      As far as I know, there is currently no proper Theravadin nunnery in Singapore although a hermitage has been set up in year 2011. You may wish to contact the Singapore Buddhist Fellowship at Telok Blangah, Singapore with regards to your aspiration.
      Their website: http://www.buddhistfellowship.org/cms/

      Metta, Bhikkhuni Upekkha, Melbourne

    • Hi Ely,
      this morning in meditation, I thought of: hey! Why dont we look for a place in Singapore to accommodate female renunciants! I know it is costly. But it is interesting to know what can happen. What do you think?


    • There isn’t any under the Theravada tradition that I am aware off. Am quite sure there are a few under the Mahayana tradition. However, I am not familiar with them. You may discuss your interest to become a nun with one of Gotami Vihara’s advisers, Ven Samaneri Sumangala

      With Metta,
      Guat Cheng

    • Hi Sunsun,
      are you a Singaporean? If so, I have a crazy idea look for a place to accommodate female renunciants. What say you?

      Serene Tan

  3. Dear sisters,
    the calling of renunciation is stronger everyday.
    I am looking for a place to stay and practice in dharma path, ideally in forest (Theravada), be a samaneri, for a start, as I have no qualification (in terms of Buddhism) to be a nun.
    Please advise anywhere in Malaysia which will help me in this.
    Thank you.
    With Metta.

    • Dear Sis Serena,

      Wonderful to hear of your noble aspirations!

      You may contact Samaneri Sumangala at sukhavanti@yahoo.com.my for advise & discussion.

      If you are staying within Klang Valley, you may want to visit Subang Jaya Buddhist Association. They are currently conducting the Samaneri novitiate programme. It will end this Sunday (16Nov2014). You can meet & discuss with the Bhikkhuni/Samaneri conducting the programme.

      With Metta,

      With Metta,
      Guat Cheng

  4. Dear Bhikkhuni pekkha
    I am a Dhamma pursuer from Sri Lanka. After reading books written and translated by Ajan Thanissaro, I became extremely interested in the Therevadan tradition of Buddhism and forest meditation tradition. I wanted to meet with bhikkhunis in Malaysia because am hoping to become a bhikkuni in the future. But unfortunately, i did’nt meet any whom can teach theravada and forest meditation tradition. Would really appreciate if you could help in whatever way you can help me. Thank you

    May triple Gems Bless You

    • Hi Sis Ganga
      Namo Buddhaya
      Kindly email Ayya Sumangala who will be able to give information regarding Bhikkhuni ordination at Srilanka.
      Her email address is
      Thank you for the enquiry.
      Marie Tungka

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