Celebration of International Bhikkhuni Day on 16 September 2016

Dear Dhamma Friends,

Namo Budhaya and Sukhi hotu!

It is with great pleasure that Gotami Vihara Society invites you to our 5th Celebration of International Bhikkhuni Day on 16 September 2016. Please find details in the attached poster. We will be glad and honoured with your presence.

We have chosen this Merdeka Day holiday each year and it also coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival so bring in your children, young or old or someone’s children, to make this day a memorable and meaningful one. They can bring a lantern, pigly biscuits and balloons with them if they wish.

Thank you.

Barbara Yen
Gotami Vihara Society

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Invitation to Celebrate Gotami Vihara Society’s Annual International Bhikkhuni Day, 27 September, 2015

Dear Dhamma Sisters and Brothers,

Namo Buddhaya!

In conjunction with International Bhikkhuni Day this year, it is again time to honour bhikkhunis on their unique achievements and contributions in upholding the Four-fold Sangha and propagating the Buddha Sasana.

Gotami Vihara Society has great pleasure to invite you to rejoice with us and to make the day a meaningful and successful one. Our theme this year is ‘Gratitude is Here and Now.’

Bring your children or relatives along and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with us too.

Thank you. May you be well and happy.


Barbara Yen

President, Gotami Vihara Society


Dhamma Talk by Venerable Adhimutta on 18 July 2015 @ 2pm


Dhamma talk by Ayya Adhimutta at Gotami Vihara on 4 July 2015


Ayya Adhimutta

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Commemoration of Wesak and Gotami Vihara’s 4th Anniversary on 31 May, 2015

Webby Barbara Yen, President

In conjunction with the holy month of Wesak and our 4th Anniversary, Gotami Vihara Society Malaysia has great pleasure to invite you to join us to rejoice and commemorate this day in a lunch dana for the Sangha.

Details of the event are as follows:

Date:        Sunday 31 May, 2015

Time:       10am – 3.30pm

Venue:      Gotami Vihara, K37-C, Jalan TK 1/11A, Taman Kinrara, 47180 Puchong, Selangor

4th AnnProgramme:

9.30 am     Arrival of devotees

9.45 am     Arrival of Sangha members

10.00 am   Wesak Puja and Chanting

Hymn singing – Anthem of Unity

Wesak Blessings by the Sangha

Metta meditation

11.00 am   Dhamma talk: ‘Bhikkhuni Sangha – The Way Forward,’ by Ven Sumangala Samaneri

11.45 am   Lunch dana for the Sangha

12.00 pm   Lunch for devotees

1.00 pm     Walking meditation and Mindfulness of Body

2.00 pm     Dialoque and discussion with members and devotees

3:00 pm     Sharing of Merits. Light refreshments

3:30 pm     End of session

4.00 pm     Gotami Vihara Society Malaysia EXCO meeting

6.00 pm     End

All are welcome!

If you have any queries, please contact our Hon. Secretary, Sis Ratana Marie Tungka at


Barbara Yen

Gotami Vihara Society Malaysia: Executive Committee 2015 – 2017

by Barbara Yen, President

agm 2015We are pleased to advise Gotami Vihara Society Malaysia’s Executive Committee members elected at our 2nd Annual General Meeting held on 12 April, 2015. They will serve from 2015 – 2017.

President:                  Yen Yoke Wah, Barbara (Ms)

Vice President:            Dr Lai Suat Yan (Ms)

Hon. Secretary:          Marie Tungka (Ms)

Hon. Treasurer:          Hooi Yoon Chun (Ms)

Committee member:    Wuan Thong Lok (Mr)

Committee member:    Choo Chow Heng (Mr)

Committee member:    Wong Shua Feng (Ms)

Auditors (by appointment):

Mudita Loh Lee Peng (Ms)

Ann Lim Siew Ee (Ms)

We welcome everyone on board and look forward to their continued commitment to serve Gotami Vihara Society and in the propagation of the Buddha sasana.


Barbara Yen

Dhamma talk by Ayya Santini at Gotami Vihara on 4 January 2015

by Barbara Yen

Dear Dhamma Sisters & Brothers,

We are pleased to inform you that Ayya Santini from Indonesia will be giving a Dhamma talk at Gotami Vihara and we welcome you to learn and experience from a very inspiring and dedicated Dhamma teacher and meditation master.

Details of the talk are as follows:

Date :       Sunday, 4 January, 2015

Time :       4.00 pm

Topic :      Role and Practice of the Bhikkhuni Sangha in the Development of Community.’  (Ven. will be speaking in Bahasa Indonesia)

Profile of Venerable Ayya Santini

VenAyyaSantiniVen. Ayya Santini was born in 1965 and became an an Anagarini, (novice nun) with Ven Bhikkhu Girirakhito in Bali in 1990. In 2000, Ven. received her Bhikkhuni Ordination in Taiwan from the nuns of Fo Guang San sect despite the many struggles and challenges she had to encounter to become a bhikkhuni. Three other nuns from Indonesia – Ayya Silavati, Ayya Dhammakumari and Ayya Dhirasirini also received this Ordination together with her.  

In the same ceremony, they also received the Ordination by monks from the Theravada tradition and later by monks from both Theravada and Mahayana traditions.

Ven. is presently the Abbess of ‘Wisma Kusalayani’ Monastery in Lembang near Bandung, Indonesia. Ven. is a very dedicated and energetic Buddhist teacher and has inspired many people with her Dhamma talks and in talk shows held in major cities throughout Indonesia. She is known for her great skills in teaching meditation and is a hit with children and youths until they could not get enough of it and continued to come back for more! She organises retreats and camps for them several times a year.

Ven. also participates in bhikkhuni and samaneri ordinations, both in Indonesia and abroad.

In recognition of her contribution to humanitarian work, Ven. Ayya Santini was awarded the ‘Outstanding Woman in Buddhism Award’ by the United Nations on 8 March, 2007 in conjunction with International Women’s Day.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Ayya in Gotami Vihara this Sunday!


Barbara Yen

President of Gotami Vihara