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Ven Bodhicitta’s retreat in Melbourne December 2012

Ven. Bodhicitta, who has been doing such a lot of good work in Malaysia this year, leading retreats and generally giving Dhamma teachings, will be leading a retreat in both English and Sinhala languages in Melbourne in December. See the following poster for details.

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Events during November 2012

Donation from Bro. MV Nathan’s Concert of Buddhist Songs

Brother Nathan, his family and friends have kindly donated the full collection of the concert to Gotami Vihara with no deductions of any cost incurred. It was successfully held at Matic Hall, Jalan Ampang, KL with tickets sold at RM80 each. Total collection was RM10,580. A very big sadhu to Brother Nathan for his generosity.

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Trailer for Daughters of Wisdom Film

The Daughters of Wisdom film has just been released after being years in the making. It is about the empowerment of women in a remote Tibetan Nunnery.

From their website:

…now, for the first time, the women of Nangchen are being given the choice to change the course of their lives. Built with their own hands and ever expanding, the Kala Rongo Monastery is home to nearly 300 nuns who study and practice full-time, creating new opportunities for themselves and for the community they serve.

Daughters of Wisdom is an intimate experiential portrait of these nuns, who are receiving unprecedented educational and spiritual training, and preserving their rich cultural heritage even as they slowly reshape it. Some shy, some outspoken, all committed to the often difficult life they have chosen, the nuns graciously allowed our camera a never-before-seen glimpse into their vibrant spiritual community and insight into their extraordinary lives.

Here is the theatrical tralier for the film.


It is possible to buy the DVD from their website, and it is also available via Netflix. I hope we will get a chance to see the film over here soon also.