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Gotami Vihara Society Malaysia – Appreciation & Report on Gotami Vihara Society’s 3rd Annual International Bhikkhuni Day Celebration on 16 September 2014

by Barbara Yen, President

Dear Dhamma Sisters & Brothers,

Sukhi hotu!  Gotami Vihara wishes to thank everyone who turned up on an early morning of a public holiday, to rejoice with us and to walk with the Sangha members on their pindacara. My sincere apologies for this delayed message.

Pindacara and Dhamma Talks at Gotami Vihara
Gotami Vihara was honoured with the presence of Venerable Bhikkhu Dr Dhammapala and four nuns, Ven Badranirmala, Ven Samaneri Dhammadinna, Ven Samaneri Sumangala and Ven Samaneri Dhammavati to grace the occasion by participating in the pindacara and partaking the lunch dana.

Initially, Ven Sing Kan had agreed to join us in the pindacara but was out of town and she could only join us later in the morning for the Dhamma sharing and lunch dana. The auspicious day was blessed with a light sprinkling of early morning shower. At 8 am, they set off with their umbrella bearing kapiyas. When they arrived at the market, which was about ten minutes away, the shower stopped.

20140916_084137Most of the stall owners were informed of the event two days earlier by some of the committee members who distributed flyers to them. We requested our supporters to spread ourselves around when we offered food to enable the people at the market and eating shops to observe what we did and how we did it. At some spots where the Sangha members felt they were not obstructing human traffic, they stood silently for a while, to give opportunity to the devotees to offer food.

As the public had never experienced an alms round before, some were curious and asked questions. We then shared with them about having the opportunity to offer dana to the monastics. I happened to stand in front of a stall selling prayer items and the man said he couldn’t possibly offer his wares to them. His wife quickly went off to buy a bag of uncooked rice. A lady came running with an ‘ang pau’ (a small, red envelope with money inside). When she was informed that the monastics did not accept money, she quickly bought some cooked food instead.

In Appreciation
20140916_105830We really appreciate everyone’s generosity in offering food to the Sangha. We received cooked vegetarian foods, fried noodles, ‘nasi lemak,’ dumplings, maize, tau fu fah, biscuits, cakes and two cartons of oranges and apples.

We are very glad and thankful that many of the Buddhist community came to help, especially to sort out the donated food. At least sixty friends and family members were at the lunch dana.

Special thanks go to Bro KC Tan, sister Jenny and sister Paru of Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society, bro Jerry Khoo of Setenang Buddhist Society, bro Jeen Lim of Buddhist Business Network and some friends from the Buddhist Gem Fellowship Counselling Unit who joined us at the pindapata, helped prepare the lunch dana and provided transport to the Sangha.

20140916_110532Peaceful Fellowship
We felt rejoiced, peaceful and valued the fellowship that abounded. More friends would have attended if not for the school holidays and public holiday. This is the first time that GV organised a pindacara and we have a lot to learn from it. We apologise for any short-coming and we welcome feed-back and suggestions on the areas that we can improve for future events.

More photographs at our facebook:

Providing Facilities and Support to Female Renunciants at GV, 2014
27 Feb – 30 May    Maechee Punnisa, Malaysia
27 Feb – 7 March  Maechee Dr Chemnian and 4 Maechees, Thailand
28 Feb – 3 March  Ven Samaneri Dhammadina, Italy
11 Mar – 8 April    Ven Samaneri Clara (Vajrayana tradition), Portugal
19 May – 30 May  Ven Suddhartta (Mahayana tradition), Malaysia
9 Oct                     Maechee Punnisa, Malaysia
28Oct, 30 Nov-4 Dec   Ven Samaneri Sitananda, Japan. She is here to attend Ven Punnaji’s retreat in BMV, Brickfields, KL

Dhamma Talks at GV, 2014
2 Mar       Ven Samaneri Dhammadina: ‘My Experience in Going Forth’
14 June   Ven Samaneri Paramacari: ‘Empowering Oneself and Others – the Path to Enlightenment’
16 Sept    Ven Bhikkhu Dr Dhammapala: ‘Chanting and Blessings during Puja’
16 Sept    Ven Sing Kan: ‘The Importance of Dana’
16 Sept    Ven Samaneri Sumangala: ‘The Significance and Update on the Bhikkhuni’s Future Development in Malaysia’

Events for 2014
25 May – Arrangement was made for Ven Suddhartta and Maechee Punnisa to receive medical screening at Tzu Chi Free Clinic in KL.  They were able to apply for their visas to Myanmar to spend their vassa under Ven U Tejaniya

15 July – Ven Samaneri Sumangala, who is one of GVS spiritual advisors, received her Samaneri Ordination under Ayya Santini in Indonesia.  We rejoice with her and as a gesture of gratitude and good wishes, GVS contributed RM400 for her travel expenses.

16 Sept – Commemorate International Bhikkhuni Day
1. a pindacara by Ven Bhikkhu Dr Dhammapala, Ven Badranirmala, Ven Samaneri Dhammadinna, Ven Samaneri Sumangala, Ven Samaneri Dhammavati was held to educate the public to receive the blessings of seeing samana (renunciants) and the opportunity to make offerings and receive the field of merits.
2. To honour the lives and contributions of Eminent Asian Bhikkhunis and Buddhist Women in the Modern Era, a selections of write-ups are uploaded in the blog:

Membership Drive

We have only one category, that is, Life Membership. The fee is RM300, payable by three installments. It is free for Sangha members.

Wish List
1. One unit of LCD projector. (It will be very helpful for speakers who use slides for their talks)
2. To repair some parts of the roof which is leaking. (The kind owner has given the place for Dhammaduta work without charging any rental)

We appreciate your contributions in kind or cash. Please contact our treasurer, Sister Hooi Yoon Chun at Our Public Bank account number is 3187086916 – Gotami Vihara Society. No amount is ever too small for our mission. The Society’s registration number is PPM-046-10-09072013.

Thank you and maha sadhu to all our Dhamma friends who continue to provide and support us – support the Fourfold Sangha.  May you and your family be blessed with a peaceful, healthy and happy life and continue to grow in the Dhamma.

Barbara Yen,
Gotami Vihara Society, Malaysia