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Gotami Vihara Society Malaysia News April 2014 (2)

Gotami Vihara Society Malaysia First Annual General Meeting 2013/2014

12 April 2014

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Gotami Vihara Society Malaysia News April 2014

Gotami Vihara Society Malaysia First Annual General Meeting 2013/2014

12 April 2014


BarbaraThe year that has passed, from July 2013 to April, 2014, was a busy period for Gotami Vihara Society (GVS). The Committee had worked well and diligently to keep the Centre going and also to register the Society.

Spiritual Advisors

It is my great pleasure to thank our Spiritual Advisors who had been a source of inspiration and guidance to us in the smooth running of GVS Centre.

However, Venerable Upekkha from Singapore could not continue to be one of our spiritual advisors due to her work in her monastery in Melbourne. We take the opportunity to thank Venerable for her assistance especially in establishing the Guidelines of the Centre.

We welcome Venerable Dhammananda of Thailand who has kindly agreed to take her place. Presently, the team of Spiritual Advisor consists of:-
Venerable B. Sri SaranankaraNayaka Maha Thera (Sri Lanka)
Venerable AnandajotiMahaThera (Britain)
Venerable BhikkhuniSantini (Indonesia)

Venerable Bhikkhuni Dhammananda (Thailand)

Lay Advisor: Lee Yu Ban (Mr)

Women Renunciants Blog

Gotami Vihara also wishes to express our gratitude to Venerable Anandajoti for helping to maintain our blog for the past three years. However, due to his work-load, he has relinquished this task. Our committee member, Lim Guat Cheng has kindly offered to take over.

Registration of Gotami Vihara Society

We wish to thank Marie Tungka who hadsuccessfully registered the Gotami Vihara Society (Persatuan Buddhis Gotami Vihara) on 9 July, 2013 with a single visit to the Registration Office only. The registration number is PPM-046-10-09072013. We thank the Registrar of Societies for their excellent service.


We have produced a brochure on GVS. Our appreciation goes to our Vice President, Dr Lai Suat Yan for taking time to finalise it and printing them before she went on her nine-month sabbatical leave overseas.

She is a lecturer in Gender Studies in University of Malaya and her research is on the Bhikkhuni situation in Japan, Thailand and Indonesia. The write-up of her research will be in Berkeley, USA. We wish her every success in her endeavour.

Handbook on Guidelines for Gotami Vihara Society Centre

We have fine-tuned the rules and regulations of the Centre as we went along. We also wish to express our thanks to Loh Lee Lee and Viditadhamma (Ng Lee Cheng) for working on the format of this Handbook.

Fund Raising

We did not hold any major fund raising projects this year. However, whenever there was a need and we made a request, our generous supporters did respond to our appeal.

In October 2013, the Shah Alam Buddhist Society donated RM3,000 in support of the renunciants and maintenance of GVS Centre. Maha sadhu and our appreciation to them for their generosity.

We also collected RM1,036 from the launch of Barbara Yen’s book ‘Moment2Moment.’

Life Membership

To ease our Treasurer’s work, we have created only Life Memberships of RM300. It can be paid in one payment or by easy payments in 3 months. It is free for Sangha members.

This is also part of our fund raising effort and has proved to be a very encouraging start.

Payment can be made to our PBB account No. 3187086916 under ‘GotamiVihara Society.’ Attention to Choo Chow Heng at

Our brochure, guidelines, membership forms and application forms to stay at GV Centre are available on our blog:

Renunciants who are Staying in GV Centre from February – July, 2014

We had renunciants from Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, Italy and Portugal who stayed in GV Centre during this period. The renunciants from other countries were either here to attend workshops, to renew their visas or on transit. Some are on exposure trips here.

We are very proud and inspired by the renunciants who practised very well and had upheld strictly the Vinaya rules. For the bhikkhunis who did not handle money, they got round the problem by purchasing the bus ticket to KL Sentral, in their air ticket. From there, our volunteers pick them up. We only pick them at the airport if they are seniors or are here by our invitation. We arranged lunch for the renunciants at a vegetarian shop nearby and we pay them at the end of the month.

I was pleasantly surprised when a young, foreign novice did not see the need for me to offer her a lunch dana of European food as I assumed that since she was away from home so many years, she would welcome it. Instead she said that she was giving up craving for food.

A Malaysian renunciant decided to take the bus instead (which needed two bus changes and about two hours to reach her destination), when her male family members could not find a chaperone to travel with them by car.

Books for Free Distribution

Venerable Anandajoti initiated the printing of the book ’Arahat Sanghamitta’s Story’ with the assistance of Venerable Saranankara who also helped send to Buddhist centres world wide. Ven Anandajoti hopes to print the translated versions in Thai and Singhalese language.

Selangor Buddhist Vipassana MeditationSociety printed ‘The Revival of the Bhikkhunī Order’ by Bhikkhu Anālayo, Centre for Buddhist Studies, University of Hamburg, Germany.

Volunteer Support

Our volunteers did a wonderful job – from giving GV a good spruce up before the renunciants arrived, to accompanying them for morning or evening walks at a park nearby, offer breakfast or provide transport to visit Buddhist centres in the Klang Valley, especially for foreign renunciants. Their assistance is very welcomed as many of our Committee members stay quite far away from GV Centre and having to brave bad traffic jams.

Part Time Care-taker

We are looking for a part time care-taker, preferably someone who stays in Puchong who can prepare the place for the visiting renunciants, orientate them to the place and neighbourhood and handle the keys of the Centre.
We rejoice with all those who have supported us and participated in our activities through the past year to enable us to continue our assistance to the renunciants. We look forward to your continued support.

To everyone and to the Committee members who had patiently and diligently worked very hard through the year, I wish to record my sincere appreciation for your dedication and commitment.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

With metta,
barbara yen