The Women’s Kingdom

This is an interesting film about the Mosuo, a matrilinear society in China.

A fair part of the film is about their unusual sexual life, as Mosuo women do not marry, but have walking – or should it be walk-in? – marraiges, in which a male is allowed into their room for the night and has to leave in the morning.

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Trailer for Daughters of Wisdom Film

The Daughters of Wisdom film has just been released after being years in the making. It is about the empowerment of women in a remote Tibetan Nunnery.

From their website:

…now, for the first time, the women of Nangchen are being given the choice to change the course of their lives. Built with their own hands and ever expanding, the Kala Rongo Monastery is home to nearly 300 nuns who study and practice full-time, creating new opportunities for themselves and for the community they serve.

Daughters of Wisdom is an intimate experiential portrait of these nuns, who are receiving unprecedented educational and spiritual training, and preserving their rich cultural heritage even as they slowly reshape it. Some shy, some outspoken, all committed to the often difficult life they have chosen, the nuns graciously allowed our camera a never-before-seen glimpse into their vibrant spiritual community and insight into their extraordinary lives.

Here is the theatrical tralier for the film.


It is possible to buy the DVD from their website, and it is also available via Netflix. I hope we will get a chance to see the film over here soon also.


A Schoolgirl’s Odyssey

Malala Yusafzai

Malala Yusafzai

A documentary made in Pakistan following the owner of a Girls’ School, and his 13-year old daughter Malala. During 2010 the Taliban ordered all Girls’ School to close under the threat of violence.

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Unveiled Views: Women In the Islamic World

from the YouTube page:

Spanish filmmaker Alba Sotorra hitchhiked from Barcelona to Pakistan, and along the way, she met five incredible women whose tales of hope, heroism and pride challenge conventional Western stereotypes about women in the Islamic world.

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Birth in Nepal

A film made by Subina Srestha who travels to rural Nepal to find out what are the conditions like for women giving birth in the country, and why do so many die through pregnancy-related matters.

The film reveals not only the conditions for child-birth but also the gender-prejucide that prevails in rural areas. Really an eye-opener into how much of the world still lives to this day.

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Uppalavanna (A Film from Sri Lanka)


This two-hour long film is set during the murderous communist (JVP) uprising in the south of Sri Lanka in the 80s.

Main Plot: The communist groups have splintered and an insurgent assassinates a former comrade but is seriously injured in the process.

The assailant manages to escape to the grounds of a nearby wilderness nunnery, where he is discovered by the nun Uppalavanna.

Acting out of compassion she helps him by giving food and medicine and doesn’t report him to the authorities.

Eventually he is discovered though and the villagers blame the nuns for Uppalavana’s actions, and she has to leave the nunnery.

There is also a sub-plot, in which a high-caste young woman falls in love with a low-caste drummer and elopes with him.

Her Mother fades away and dies, and when the daughter returns with her lover he is killed by her Father. He ends up in prison, and she ordains.

The film is mainly focused on the nunnery and the relationships between the head nun, a newly ordained novice and Uppalavanna.

We are not told what to think about any of the actions in the film but are left to decide for ourselves about the actions and their outcome.

Be warned the film has the credits section at the beginning of the film, running for 3 mins 50 secs. You can jump to that section if you like.



Some Stills from the Film