A New Beginning

Saranaloka is a nonprofit stewardship organization that was started in 2005 by a group of lay practitioners for the purpose of bringing nuns to the United States to visit, teach and establish a training monastery for women.

The video is a story of developing a place of respect and opportunity for the nuns that is often only available to monks.

Ven. Bodhicitta: Mindfulness in Daily Life

Video recording of Ven. Bodhicitta talking about mindfulness in everyday life, and how to fulfil the eightfold noble path and the factors of awakening. Includes a short question and answer session at the end.

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Birth in Nepal

A film made by Subina Srestha who travels to rural Nepal to find out what are the conditions like for women giving birth in the country, and why do so many die through pregnancy-related matters.

The film reveals not only the conditions for child-birth but also the gender-prejucide that prevails in rural areas. Really an eye-opener into how much of the world still lives to this day.

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Buddha Collapsed out of Shame

Buddha Collapsed

The Iranian filmmaker Hana Makhmalbaf made this film set in the shadow of the Bamiyan Buddhas shortly after they were destroyed by the Taliban, scenes from which open and close the film. The caves around the Bamiyan cliffs are the home to many Hazara families, who live a very simple and poor life.

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Ven Bodhicitta: How to Bring up Children to be Virtuous

Video of Ven. Bhikkhuni Bodhicitta discussing the best way to bring up children from a Buddhist perspective, and how the example set in a family is teaching children how to behave.

Recorded at Buddhist Maha Vihara, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on July 15, 2012 by Teik Leong Lim.

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Sister Sumangala: Joys and Challenges in Going Forth

Sister Sumangala talks about how she first came into Buddhism and started meditation; her meeting with her teacher, Ven. Mahinda of Malacca; her pilgrimage to the Holy Places in India; the resistance from her family to her ordination; and her eventual going forth. Sister also explains how she got her name, which means “auspicious blessings”.

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Ayya Santini: My Experience of Going Forth into Homelessness

The Indonesian nun Ayya Santiṇī talks about her childhood aspiration to become a bhikkhuṇī, her disappointment when she found out the order had died out in the Theravāda and her joy when she later realised it could be revived.

She also talks about the works that the bhikkhuṇīs have been undertaking in her home country, teaching Dhamma, leading meditation retreats and arranging ordinations.

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