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Report on the Opening Ceremony of Gotami Vihara

The Opening Ceremony of Gotami Vihara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was graced by the presence of Venerable Saranankara and another Venerable from Sentul, Venerable Siridhamma, Venerable Santini, Venerable Dhammananda, Venerable Dr. Lieu Phap, Venerable Bhikkhuni Nhu The, Venerable Bhikkhuni Nhu Lien, Venerable Bodhicitta Theri, Venerable Sonam Wangmo, Venerable Karma Tashi Choedron, Sister Sumangala, Sayalay Paramacari and Maechi Kai Ping, Sister Ai Lin and Upasika Phuong Anh from Vietnam. About a hundred devotees, some from out of town came to rejoice with us.

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Review of Events, 2012-2013

The Support Network for Women Renunciants in Malaysia and Singapore was first formed in May 2011 with the purpose to consolidate efforts to help women who aspire to go forth, especially in the Theravada tradition. With the advice and help of our spiritual advisors, Venerable Saranankara, Venerable Anandajoti, Venerable Santini, Venerable Upekkha and the Pro-tem Committee, we established the Gotami Vihara as a place of stay for women renunciants.

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M V Nathan’s Benefit Concert for Gotami Vihara

Gotami Vihara is pleased to announce a concert by Brother MV Nathan who will be presenting his 7th album on Buddhist songs. All proceeds of the event will be donated to Gotami Vihara.

Date: 28 October, 2012
Time: 2pm-5.30pm
Venue: Matic Hall, Jalan Ampang, KL
Ticket price: RM80 (donation, free for Sangha)

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International Bhikkhuni Day at Gotami Vihara

Gotami Vihara has great pleasure in inviting you to celebrate with us the International Bhikkhuni Day. As it falls on September 29 which is Moon Cake Festival, we have decided to hold it on 23 September instead.

Let us honour past and present bhikkhunis who went through great odds and sacrifice for the
right to become one. It is also to recognise the important role and contribution the bhikkhunis
play in preserving and propagating the Dhamma and upholding the Fourfold Assembly.

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Sister Sumangala: Joys and Challenges in Going Forth

Sister Sumangala talks about how she first came into Buddhism and started meditation; her meeting with her teacher, Ven. Mahinda of Malacca; her pilgrimage to the Holy Places in India; the resistance from her family to her ordination; and her eventual going forth. Sister also explains how she got her name, which means “auspicious blessings”.

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Ayya Dhammananda: History of Mahapajapati Gotami

In this illustrated talk given by the Thai bhikkhuni Ayya Dhammananda we hear about the lineage and history of the Buddha’s step-mother and aunt, who became the first Buddhist bhikkhuni, and the legacy she has passed on to us today.

The talk was recorded by Teik Leong Lim at the opening of the Gotami Vihara in Kuala Lumpur on June 2nd.

Warning: the sound quality is uneven, and at times it sounds like someone was scratching a comb back and forth over the microphone 🙂 Most is OK though.


Video of the Gotami Vihara Opening

A record of the opening of the first Theravada Nuns Center in Malaysia on 2nd June 2012, in Puchong, Kuala Lumpur.

The event was attended by Ven B Saranankara, Ayya Dhammananda, Ayya Santini, Ven Lieu Phap, Ven Bodhicitta, Sister Sumangala and many other monks and nuns.

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