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A Cross-Tradition Exchange Between Taiwan and Sri Lanka by Wei-Yi Cheng

This is an interesting report and reflection on the dana last year to nearly 3,000 nuns in Sri Lanka. The report itself is in pdf format, click on the link to read it. It was originally printed as part of the Journal of Buddhist Ethics, Volume 18, 2011.


Wei-Yi Cheng
Hsuan Chuang University

This paper uses as an example an alms-offering ceremony that took place on October 5, 2010 to illustrate cross-tradition exchanges between Asian Buddhists of different geographic locations. This ceremony had been intended to give alms to all of the bhikkhunīs in Sri Lanka and was thus itself noteworthy. However, the attention of this paper is on the two main players behind this ceremony. One is a Sri Lankan monk who has been a long term Theravāda missionary in Mahāyāna Taiwan, and the other is a Taiwanese nunnery which has not limited its works to Taiwan. This paper wishes to shed light on cross-tradition exchanges among Asian Buddhists.

A Cross-Tradition Exchange Between Taiwan and Sri Lanka PDF

Manawella Temple Dana

Pirit Chanting before the Dana