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The Outstanding Women in Buddhism Awards Website

This website has lists of their previous award winners according to year, which provide a good overview of the sort of projects laywomen and nuns are making to the Buddha Sasana. It is a great resource for anyone interested in the subject.

Here is a statement of their objectives.

1. Mobilize public opinion and international action to promote the role and status of Theravada Bhikkhunis in southeast Asia, thereby directing assistance to disadvantaged groups of women and girls.

2. Uplift the good deeds of Buddhist women so that others may know.

3. Provide good role models for society.

4. Encourage the award recipients.

5. Promote sorority in the overcoming of obstacles.

6. Promote information of the award recipient’s role in developing her own life, that of her community, her nation and the world.

7. Training, research and the collection of sex-segregated data on the role and status of ordained women in Buddhism.

8. Encourage a movement which uplifts the role and status of Buddhist women within the Buddhist faith.

9. Promote telling the herstory of women in Buddhism.

10. Promote a network of accomplished Buddhist women, ordained and lay.