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Ayya Upekkha Leading International Bhikkhuni Day in Singapore

The 1st International Bhikkhuni Day was celebrated in Singapore at the Singapore Buddhist Fellowship by Ayya Upekkha, Bhante K. Gunaratana and Venerable Bhikkhuni Faxun and the many devotess who joined in the celebration.

Ayya reports that the feedback received was very encouraging. With such awareness raised, we hope that recognition and support for Theravāda bhikkhunis will reach many bhikkhuni centres worldwide as and when needed.

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International Bhikkhuni Day in Singapore

Saturday, 17th September has been designated as International Bhikkhuni Day and our co-founder Ayya Upekkha will be giving an Introduction to Bhikkhunis in the Buddhist Fellowship Center in Singapore. Please do attend if you are able.

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