Gotami Vihara Society Malaysia

1-HandbookGotami Vihara Society

Vision Statement

ResidenceTo provide support for Buddhist female renunciants in Malaysia.

Mission Statement

To provide support to Buddhist female renunciants so that they can actualise their aspirations of walking the Path of 1-MemberEnlightenment as set out by the Buddha.


  1. To establish a safer and conducive place where female renunciants of all traditions can stay and practice and to be supported by the monastic and lay community.
  2. To establish a Centre named Gotami Vihara where female renunciants can practice, study and develop their full potential for personal and spiritual liberation as well as to propagate the Buddha Sasana.
  3. To establish a fund to support woman renunciants in their Buddhist studies, ordinations, travel and other needs.
  4. To create awareness significance to local Buddhists of the significance of the Bhikkhuni Sangha as part of the Four-Fold Sangha as was established by the Buddha.
  5. To be a network for female renunciants to share their experiences, knowledge, challenges, as well as aspirations; to enable them to be connected locally and internationally and to avail themselves to resources and support.

Operation of Gotami Vihara

Name of Centre: Gotami Vihara
Location: K37-C, Jalan TK 1/11A, Taman Kinrara, 47180 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Email address:

Gotami Vihara is established as a centre for Theravada renunciants.  It is a shop-lot based on the second floor. There are two bedrooms, a shrine hall, a kitchen and two bathrooms. It is fully equipped with cooking, laundry and drying facilities. Internet facility is also available.

Renunciants from the other traditions are welcomed to stay dependent on availability of rooms.

Plans for the Future

The Vihara serves as a transit place for all renunciants both local and foreign travelling through Malaysia and is a temporary abode until we achieve our goal of getting a place of our own. In helping the women, we are helping the Buddha bring back a flourishing Four-fold Sangha with their services to the Sangha and community.

Gotami Vihara Society List of Advisors and Committee Members 2015/2017

Spiritual Advisors
Venerable B. Sri Saranankara Nayaka Maha Thera
Venerable Anandajoti Thera
Venerable Bhikkhuni Santini (Indonesia)
Venerable Bhikkhuni Dhammananda (Thailand)

Lay Advisor    Lee Yu Ban (Mr)

Office Bearers
President       : Yen Yoke Wah, Barbara (Ms)
Vice President: Dr Lai Suat Yan (Ms)
Secretary      : Marie Tungka (Ms)
Treasurer      : Hooi Yoon Chun (Ms)

Committee Members
Wuan Thong Lok (Mr)
Choo Chow Heng (Mr)
Wong Shua Feng (Ms)

Auditor    Mudita Loh Lee Peng (Ms) and Ann Lim Siew Ee (Ms)



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    • Sukhihotu sis.
      I would like to apologise for being late replying your query.
      Are you still interest with being a nun?
      Are you a Malaysian?
      Ratana Kumari

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