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Unveiled Views: Women In the Islamic World

from the YouTube page:

Spanish filmmaker Alba Sotorra hitchhiked from Barcelona to Pakistan, and along the way, she met five incredible women whose tales of hope, heroism and pride challenge conventional Western stereotypes about women in the Islamic world.

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Ven Bodhicitta: Retreat Talks

This is a collection of retreat talks given by Ven Bodhicitta in March 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

To download these and other talks by Ven. Bodhicitta please go to this page:

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International Bhikkhuni Day at Vivekavana

Ven Bhikkhuni Bodhicitta, who is spending the Rains Retreat at Vivekavana Solitude Grove will be giving a talk on the subject of “The Path to Heaven and Beyond” at the Vivekavana Buddhist Society on September 29th in conjunction with International Bhikkhuni Day 2012.

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International Bhikkhuni Day at Gotami Vihara

Gotami Vihara has great pleasure in inviting you to celebrate with us the International Bhikkhuni Day. As it falls on September 29 which is Moon Cake Festival, we have decided to hold it on 23 September instead.

Let us honour past and present bhikkhunis who went through great odds and sacrifice for the
right to become one. It is also to recognise the important role and contribution the bhikkhunis
play in preserving and propagating the Dhamma and upholding the Fourfold Assembly.

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