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Peter Skilling: Female Roles in Early Indian Buddhism

Nuns, Laywomen, Donors, Goddesses:

Female Roles in Early Indian Buddhism


Peter Skilling

Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies, Volume 24, Number 2, 2001

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Ven. Bodhicitta: Is Bhikkhuni Ordination against the Buddha’s Teaching

Ven. Bodhicitta

Ven. Bodhicitta

The Sri Lankan bhikkhuṇī Ven. Bodhicittā discusses whether the recent reintroduction of the bhikkhuṇī ordination in the Theravāda Buddhist tradition is against the Buddha’s Teaching or intentions.

The talk was recorded at Mahindarama, Penang, as part of a tour organised by the Support Network for Women Renunciants in Malaysia and Singapore in February 2012.

Photos of the Bhikkhuni Ordination in California

These are photographs from the recent ordination of two Bhikkhunis in ABS Temple, Sacremento, California on May 6th 2012. The nuns concerned were Ven. Nibbidā and Ven Mārajinā. I am very grateful to Ayya Anandabodhi for allowing me to reproduce these photographs here from her Facebook album.

Ven. Nibbida and Ven. Marajina

Ven. Nibbida and Ven. Marajina

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Ayya Sobhana: The Way of a Bhikkhuni

Ayya Sobhana

Ayya Sobhana

A short video interview with the American nun Ayya Sobhana in which she discusses the reintroduction of the Bhikkhuni Sangha, her ordination in Sri Lanka and their way of life at Aranya Bodhi monastery in Sacramento, which is based on simplicity, few wants and being in touch with the natural world around them.

The Path to Enlightenment: The Journey of a Buddhist Nun

Editor’s Note: The Following was written by Tashi Namgyal about Ven. Sonan, whom we featured in this blog a couple of weeks ago, when she won an Outstanding Woman in Buddhism Award. It was originally published in Bhutan Today (Thurs, April 12, 2012), and is reproduced here by permission.

Ven. Sonam

From a 16 year novice nun, to a master practitioner, and finally, to setting up a first dharma retreat and practice center in Phuntsholing, this is a story of a 34 year old Bhutanese nun, who despised all the materialistic cravings and ventured out to practice “Dharma” as her sole purpose in life, a destination, in today’s modern world is seldom sought and achieved by a Bhutanese women.

Ani SonamWangmo (Venerable Tenzin Dadon), as she is known to the outside world’s quest for spiritualism began when set on the journey of her life, forgoing attending college to join the religious community in 1993 after graduating high school when other girls of her age were fancying going to college, getting a job, getting married, owning houses and cars, and all the glitz and glamour attached to it.

Although being bred in the capital city, Thimphu, for most part of her life, she did not have a slightest inclination towards leading a bureaucratic and aristocratic life as a layman. Instead, she was adamant to pursue her goal at such a young age despite some initial resistance from her family.

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