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Bhikkhuni Hasapanna: The Importance of Sila

Here is a talk given by Ayya Hasapanna on her recent Dhamma Duta tour of Malaysia. It was given at the Buddhist Gem Fellowship, Petaling Jaya (KL) around December 7th 2011. The recording is a bit problematic, but the message comes through anyway in Ayya’s characteristic style.

Dhamma Duta Tour by Hasapanna Bhikkhuni

Ayya Hassapanna

Ayya Hasapanna

Ayya Hasapanna was born in 1960, and is from Ipoh. She ordained as a trainee nun (Anagarika) for 2 years, a ten precept nun for 4 years and as a Bhikkhuni (with Ayya Tathaaloka as Pavattini) for 2 years at Dhammasara Buddhist Nuns Monastery, Western Australia.

She is currently the Co-Abbess of Dhammasara Nuns Monastery and also the Assistant Spiritual Director of Buddhist Society of WA.

Ayya was recently in Sri Lanka to receive a sapling of the Mahā Bodhi Tree for the nunnery in Perth. For a full report see http://goo.gl/JprLo

Ayya will be on a short Dhamma Duta tour in Malaysia in December, this is a listing of her engagements.

(1) Date: Tue 6 Dec at 8.00pm
The Perversion of Perception
Venue: Ti-Ratana Penchala Community Centre, 21,Jalan Penchala, 46000 Petaling Jaya. Contact Person: Honey Khoo (03-77849002)

(2) Date: Wed 7 Dec at 8.30pm
The Importance of Sila
Venue: Buddhist Gem Fellowship Centre, 60A, Jalan 19/3, 46300 Petaling Jaya.
Contact Person: Chin Aik Tan (012-9559731)

(3) Date: Sun 18 Dec at 8.00pm
The Role of Bhikkhunis in the Theravada Tradition
Venue: Vivekavana Buddhist Society, 33, Tingkat Berapit 4, Taman Pearl, Berapit, Bukit Mertajam
Contact Persons : Anandajoti (017-4545299)

(4) Date: Mon 19 Dec at 8.30pm
The Importance of Sila
Venue: TIMS Centre, Opposite Dewan Orang Ramai Taman Aun Say, Tupai, Taiping
Contact Persons : Bro. Ooi Teow Keat (016-5597909) and Bro Kevin Chuah (0125023686)

Ayya will also be happy to take questions at these events.