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Bhikkhuni Dhammadinna – Verse and Mural Painting

Dhammadinnā was the wife of Visākha of Rājagaha.
After hearing the Buddha teach, he became an anāgāmī,
amd when she found out, she decided to ordain as a bhikkhuni.
She soon attained arahantship and uttered this verse.

Chandajātā avasāyī manasā ca phuṭā siyā
In whom desire is born which suffuses the mind to reach the end

Kāmesu appaṭibaddhacittā, ‘uddhaṁsotā’ ti vuccatī ti
Her mind not bound by sense pleasures, she is called ‘one going up-stream’.

The murals are from Wat Pho in Bangkok.

Visakha listening to Dhamma

Visakha listening to Dhamma

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