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Sister Sumangala: Joys and Challenges in Going Forth

Sister Sumangala talks about how she first came into Buddhism and started meditation; her meeting with her teacher, Ven. Mahinda of Malacca; her pilgrimage to the Holy Places in India; the resistance from her family to her ordination; and her eventual going forth. Sister also explains how she got her name, which means “auspicious blessings”.

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Ayya Dhammananda: History of Mahapajapati Gotami

In this illustrated talk given by the Thai bhikkhuni Ayya Dhammananda we hear about the lineage and history of the Buddha’s step-mother and aunt, who became the first Buddhist bhikkhuni, and the legacy she has passed on to us today.

The talk was recorded by Teik Leong Lim at the opening of the Gotami Vihara in Kuala Lumpur on June 2nd.

Warning: the sound quality is uneven, and at times it sounds like someone was scratching a comb back and forth over the microphone 🙂 Most is OK though.


Dhammananda Bhikkhuni – Empowering Our Potentiality

Dhammananda Bhikkhuni talking at a TEDx talk given in Chiang Mai in which she talks about gaining power through connection with our roots.

In her case this means connecting with her lineage root, Ven. Mahapajapati Gotami; and her Mother Voramai Kabilsingh, who was the first Thai woman to take higher ordination.

She also talks about our physical roots in the elements, and the interconnectivity that gives us to everyone else.

The talk is full of good advice about living in a positive and useful way, by using skilful means to put aside the burden of negativity.

Paintings of Some Women in Lord Buddha’s Life Story

These paintings are by Paw Oo and are found in the Santi Dhamma Hall at Wat Olak Madu at Sidam Kiri, in the Padang Serai district of Kedah.

Maya's Dream


Marraige of Siddhattha and Yasodhara


Sujata offers Milk-Rice


Teaching Abhidhamma to his Mother in Heaven


Mahapajapati Ordains