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Gotami Vihara Society Malaysia News March 2014

Report of Events for 2013

1. We celebrated our 1st Wesak Day and 1st Anniversary of the opening of Gotami Vihara (GV) on 1 June 2013 with a Puja, Sanghika dana, Dhamma talks by Venerable Sing Kan, Venerable Bhikkhu Dhammadina and Sister Sumangala. We also had performances by Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society Sunday School Choir; a harmonica performance and singing by the visually impaired and pipa music by Bro Chong Fa Lin. Sister Sumangala ended the day by leading an afternoon of meditation practice.

Moment2Moment2. On 29 September 2013, GV assisted Sister Barbara Yen to launch her book ‘Moment2Moment – Breathless in KL: Reflections of a Medical Social Worker.’ It was officiated by Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir with Venerable Saranankara Maha Thera and about 150 guests graced the occasion.
Sister Barbara donated 20% of the sales proceeds @ RM20 each to GV:

  1. on 29 Sep 13 – Launch (211 copies sold)
  2. on 15 Oct 13 – Ajahn Brahm Luncheon (36 copies sold).
  3. on 27 Oct 13 – Kathina at Sentul Temple (12 copies sold).

Total amount donated to GV is RM1,036.

A big thank you to Sister Barbara Yen for her generosity.

SABS3. On 17.10. 2013 – Shah Alam Buddhist Society donated RM3,000 to GV for women renunciants requisites and GV maintenance.

A big thank you to Shah Alam Buddhist Society for their generosity.

4. Dr Tan Yit Meng, a Chinese physician & acupuncturist successfully treated Ven Adhimutta Bhikkhuni for a chronic shoulder pain and other ailments. Her clinic is behind GV and she hopes to take up meditation seriously. Dr Tan also donated RM300 to GV and offered robes to Ayya Tathaaloka.

A big thank you to Dr Tan for her generosity.

Renunciants who stayed at GV in 2013

  1.  Samaneri Paramacari (M’sian): 30 Dec – 3 Jan 2013 from Isivana Vipasanna Hermitage, Penang
  2.  Maechee Punnisa (M’sian): 25 Jan–13 Feb 2013, returning from Thailand for Chinese New Year
  3.  Ven Adhimutta Bhikkhuni (NZ): 4 – 5 Feb 2013, on transit from Colombo to Taiwan
  4.  Ven Adhimutta Bhikkhuni (NZ): 29 April – 11 May 2013, returning to Thailand for self practice after renewing her visa in Kuala Lumpur
  5.  Sister Visudhi & mum, Sister Nanda (M’sians): 6 May – 8 Jul returning from Australia for a visit
  6.  Ven. Adhimutta Bhikkhuni (NZ): 15 – 22 Oct 2013, on transit to Shanti Monastery, Australia to take up residence there.


Books for Free Distribution

Ven Anandajoti initiated the printing of the book ’Arahat Sanghamitta’s Story’ with the assistance of Ven Saranankara who also helped to send to Buddhist centres world wide. Ven Anandajoti hopes to print the translated versions in Thai and Singhalese language.

Selangor Buddhist Vipassana Meditation Society printed ‘The Revival of the Bhikkhunī Order and the Decline of the Sāsana,’ by Bhikkhu Anālayo, Center for Buddhist Studies, University of Hamburg, Germany

With Gratitude
We rejoice with all who have worked with Gotami Vihara Society to enable us to continue our support to the renunciants. We look forward to your continued support.

_/\_ Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!