14th Sakyadhita Conference / Bhikkhuni Ordination in 2015

by Barbara Yen

Dear Dhamma Sisters & Brothers,

Sukhi hotu!

14th Sakyadhita Conference, Yogyakarta, 23-30 June, 2015

The next Sakyadhita Conference will be held in Yogyakarta from 23-30 June, 2015. After the Conference, 1-2 July there will be optional tours to temples and Borobudur. The Organisers cordially invites everyone to participate in it. This is a very good opportunity to meet with many Buddhists round the world, both monastics and lay and of both genders. Some attendees are of other faiths, coming together with one common aspiration – to share our spiritual goals and challenges.

A few of us from IBC group will be going – Ven Sister Sumangala and some family members, C S Ooi, Loo Mew Leng, Pua Kow, Wuan TL, Dolly Teoh, 3 devotees from Kuantan and myself. Will anyone of you be interested in going?

Conference Fees: Registration and Accommodation (as per Sakyadhita leaflet) All costs in USD.

Registration by March – USD60, by Apr 15: USD80, by May 15: USD100

Vegetarian meals June 23-30: USD80

1-2 July (2 days) temple tour: USD30

Airport transfer provided: June 21st ,22nd , July 1st ,2nd

Conference Venue: Sambi Resort, Yogyakarta

Accommodation: Range of USD20 per day at Sambi Resort

Nearby local villages: USD10 per day.

We hope to take advantage of early bird registration and get cheaper accommodation that is near the Conference venue to save cost.

Submission of Sakyadhita registration form

Instead of us sending our registration separately, we can send together to save banking charges. We will also stay in the same hotel/resort for convenience.  Those interested, can send the application form to me or if someone wants to co-ordinate this, is ok with me. Any suggestions from anyone?

Bhikkhuni Ordination


Bhikkhuni Ordination in Thailand on 29 November 2014 at Thippayasathandhamma Bhikkhuni Arama, Songkhla

There will be a Bhikkhuni Ordination in Bandung, Indonesia in June 2015 where Ven Sister Sumangala and a few other bhikkhuni candidates will receive their Higher Ordination. The travel dates are from 18th to 22nd June 2015. In this trip members will be able to rejoice and witness the coming together of the Fourfold Sangha – where the monastic Sangha consecrate the Sima Hall and conduct the Bhikkhuni Ordination.

To date – senior bhikkhus and bhikkhunis who will be attending this ordination: Three from Malaysia, one from Australia, one from Thailand, two from Vietnam and two from Indonesia.

Bhikkhuni candidates are from Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Japan.

Let us rejoice with them and make it a very memorable and meaningful one for them. So far, Bro. Ooi, Sis. Yoon Chun, Sis Suat Yan and I have planned to witness the ordination. There will be places to stay for both women and men devotees. The travel plan is as follows:

18th June 2015 :  KL – Bandung

Air Asia: ETD 1.35pm / ETA 2.40pm. Normal fare – RM338 one way without meal and baggage

22nd June 2015 :

(1) Fly back to KL (either 8am or 10.05am flight)

(2) Those going for Sakyadhita: Bandung – Yogyakarta

Wings Air: ETD 9.10am / ETA 10.20 / cost RM162.

1st  July 2015 : Some of us will return from Yogyakarta (JOG) to KL (AK347, etd 1145am, eta KL 3.10pm)

Air Asia fare:

June 30 – return to KL at 5.15pm @ RM110.

Jul 1 – return to KL at either 11.30am or 5.15pm @ RM162.

KL-Bandung-KL = $338 + $338 = RM676 (without meal and baggage).

KL-Bandung-Yogjakarta-KL = $338 + $162 + $162= RM 762 (without meal and baggage).

Note: The above rate is based on flight rate offered on 18th December 2014.

It is better that everyone book their own flight based on these dates and times. Please inform each other if you spot any flight promotion so  that we can save some cost.

Sponsorship for Ordination

We welcome sponsorship for monks and nuns for their flight expenses for those to ordain and those to be ordained. No amount is too small for this meritorious act.

It took bhikkhuni candidates years of training before taking this big step for higher ordination. All of us have faithfully played a part to support them so they will be confident to walk the path and be of service to the Buddha-Dhamma and Buddhasasana. So far, we have sponsorships for 2 sangha. Let’s donate generously for the development of the female monastic Sangha for the wellbeing and benefit of the many.

Thank you.

Sadhu and blessings of the Triple Gem to everyone and happy holidays.

With metta,

Barbara Yen / 012-2072735 / yyyen46@gmail.com


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