Gotami Vihara Society Malaysia – International Bhikkhuni Day Celebration Programme (Update)

Updated programme for Gotami Vihara International Bhukkhini Day Celebration on 16 September 2014

7.30 am               Arrival of the Sangha members.

8.00 am               Pindapatta starts.

9.30 am               Puja

10.00 am             Dhamma Talk, topic “The importance of Dana” by Ven. Sing Kan

11.00 am             Lunch Dana

12.00 noon          Blessings and short talk on “Blessing” by Ven. Dharmapala

12.30 pm            Sharing of Ven. Samaneri Sumangala’s experience as a renunciant

1.00 pm              Group photo session

Address of Gotami Vihara
K37-C, Jalan TK 1/11A, Taman Kinrara, 47180 Puchong, Selangor (shop-lot on main Puchong road, opposite former Army Camp. A former premise of Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society).

We need many volunteers! 

Bring your family and friends. Give them the opportunity to assist in the pindapatta and to offer vegetarian food dana to the Sangha.

Please contact Sis Lee Lee (email: / hp: 0122240810)  if you are able to assist. Volunteers to report at 7.00 am for briefing.

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