Gotami Vihara Society Malaysia – Pindapatta 16 September 2014 (Update)

Pindapatta in conjunction with International Bhikkhuni Day Celebration on 16 September 2014

Sangha members going on Gotami Vihara’s pindapatta on 16 September 2014 at 8.00 am at Taman Kinrara, Puchong wet market.

  1. Venerable Dr Dhammapala, SJBA, PJ
  2. Venerable Sing Kan, Sam Poh Tong, Ampang
  3. Venerable Badranirmala from Indonesia, student in PJ
  4. Venerable Samaneri Sumangala, Aloka Foundation
  5. Venerable Samaneri Dhammadina, Subang 2 Buddhist Society, PJ
  6. Venerable Samaneri Dhammavati, Subang 2 Buddhist Society, PJ

Profile of Venerable Dr Dhammapala Thera

VenDhammapala1Bhante Dhammapala was born in 1970 in Kuching. He was ordained as a upasampada bhikkhu in Wat Chong Kedah in 1994 under the tutelage of the Most Respected Chao Kun Nam, who is the Chief Siamese Sanghanayaka in Malaysia. Subsequently, he sought spiritual dependence under the guidance of Bhante Dhammasakkaro.

He then spent 15 years studying Buddhist Philosophy, Pali and Sanskrit literatures in Sri Lanka and Hong Kong. In 2009, he obtained his Doctorate of Philosophy in Buddhist Studies under the supervision of Professor Venerable KL Dhammajoti, from the University of Hong Kong.

Since 2006, he served at the Wang Fat Ching She Temple. He was its Chief Editor and Spiritual Director who helped maintain and upgrade the Buddhistdoor website, one of the oldest and largest Buddhist websites in the world.

Bhante also initiated some of the important missionary programmes in Hong Kong, one of which was the ‘Buddhist Approaches to Leadership Communication Skills (LCS),’ a well-known youth programme and workshop that reached out to the youth and community. Another was a spiritual counseling programme called ‘Dhammacare’ etc.

He was frequently invited to give talks and to conduct meditation workshops and retreats in various secondary schools and universities in Hong Kong.

He is also the Abbot of The Centre of Mindfulness, Hong Kong and was the Visiting Assistant Professor at the Centre of Buddhist Studies, University of Hong Kong from 2010-2013.

Bhante returned to Malaysia in Dec 2013 and was invited to assist several Buddhist societies/associations and to teach at some academic institutions which are as follows:

  1. Spiritual advisor, Dhammamitta Buddhist Society, KL
  2. Spiritual advisor, Amata Buddhist Society, Malacca
  3. Resident monk, Subang Jaya Buddhist Association
  4. Lecturer, Malaysian Buddhist Academy, Kuala Lumpur.
  5. Lecturer, Buddhist and Pali University, Sri Lanka, conducted at Buddhist Mahavihara, Brickfields, KL

Profile of Venerable Sing Kan

VenSingKanVenerable Sing Kan was born in 1957 and hails from Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor.  She became a novice nun in 1983 and received her higher ordination under the tutelage of the late Venerable Pai Sheng at Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang in 1985. Inspired by the Dhamma and education, she became a teacher at Buddhist Institute Sunday Dhamma School and further pursued her Buddhist education.  In 1996, Venerable obtained her Diploma in Buddhist Studies from the Buddhist and Pali University, Sri Lanka. The following year she enrolled herself at Kelaniya University and graduated with a Diploma in Pali and Buddhist Studies. In 2002, Venerable obtained her B.A in Buddhist Studies from International Buddhist College based in Hatyai Thailand. Venerable also taught at Siang Lin, a Buddhist Kindergarten in Melaka.  She is the abbess of Sam Poh Thong Temple Ampang Selangor and currently heads the Dharma Propagation and Government Affairs Department of Malaysian Buddhist Association KL Selangor Branch. Venerable is also the Vice President (Buddhist) of Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST).

International Bhukkhini Day Celebration Programme (revised)

7.30 am               Arrival of the Sangha members.

8.00 am               Pindapatta starts.

9.30 am               Puja

10.00 am -10.40 am   Dhamma Talk, topic “The importance of Dana” by Ven. Sing Kan

11.00 am             Lunch Dana

12.00 noon         Blessings and short talk on “Blessing” by Ven. Dharmapala

12.30-1.00 pm    Sharing of Ven. Samaneri Sumangala’s experience as a renunciant

1.00 pm              Group photo session

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