Letter to Friends on Awakening Women by Adhimutta Bhikhuni

Today, we welcome Adhimutta Bhikkhuni to Gotami Vihara (GV). Venerable will be staying at GV until 11 May 2013.

Opportunity To Offer Breakfast and Lunch Dana

Devotees are invited to offer vegetarian breakfast dana at 7.30am or lunch dana at 11.30am to Venerable during her stay in GV.

Opportunity To Stay in GV for Self Practice

We welcome anyone or any aspiring renunciate to take the opportunity to stay in GV whenever we have a renunciate staying in, to get to know the venerables and to do some self practice.

It is free for devotees who stay in, but we appreciate if the devotees can be a helper/kapiya during their stay at GV.

Please click here for more details: https://snfwrenms.wordpress.com/2013/04/23/adhimutta-bhikhuni-stays-at-gotami-vihara-29-april-11-may-2013/

We would like to share a letter from Adhimutta Bhikkhuni.

RE: Awakening Women: An Online Multimedia Resource for the Global Buddhist Community

Dear Friends,

I wish to share with you a very grand and inspiring initiative that a group of us are undertaking. We hope that it will become a vast international and multifaceted group or web/network of Buddhist women coming together to share resources and be connected.

It is a new initiative that Sakyadhita International and Buddhistdoor.com is undertaking. We are hoping to create an online multimedia database, bringing together diverse material such as: writings, research, dhamma talks, meditation instructions, interviews, chanting, images, art work, photography, videos, stories, and much more from Buddhist women and men round the world.

I hope that each different tradition and lineage and country will be well represented and that this will be an inspiring and very magnificent treasure trove for female practitioners all round the world. And that instead of such images and stories being difficult to come by and to find, that they will be available everywhere, and that the inspiration from them will be deeply transformative for many.

There is a spectrum of activities that need your help and assistance, and its diversity means there will be something of interest for almost anyone. We need people to help collect materials, be it in the form of articles, books, visuals like art, photography, audio files, conduct interviews, collect images, record chantings, do research and so on. We have some great writers already – Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, Dr Rita Gross and many others.

sakyadhitaWe’re expecting that this project will be ongoing and will take a few years before we have the solid core of resources together (and i’m guessing that it will be ongoing for many years after that, especially as once we have the internet and basic collection side of things going well, it would be wonderful to share much of this information with our dhamma sisters who speak different languages and who do not have easy access to web-resources. So this project, really has vast potential, and i feel will be deeply transformative for many many women and also our wonderful dhamma brothers as well.

Just as human life is a precious opportunity for spiritual, moral and meditative cultivation, our modern world has provided us with unique chances of building bridges between people and groups. It has never been easier to share information, media, and educational material, and other multimedia.

The fruits generated by this collaboration would be shared freely between the platforms of Sakyadhita’s websites, media and BDI. We have a new blog starting soon.

For more details please click here: http://sakyadhita.org/home/resources/media/AwakeningWomen_Appeal_03022013.pdf.

For offers to help or further ideas, please contact: awakeningwomenonline@sakyadhita.org

with metta,
Adhimutta Bhikkhuni


21 March, 2013


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