The Passing of Other Elders

from the Extended Mahāvaṁsa, Chapter XX. The Complete Emancipation of the Elders
ExtMhv 75-82 cf. Mhv 54-58

Temples (Mural at Wat Pho, Bangkok)

(Mural at Wat Pho, Bangkok)

Also the five Great Elders: Ittiya, Uttiya, the Great Elder Bhaddasāla and the greatly intelligent Sambala, and Mahinda, these five, being without pollutants, attained Emancipation.

Also beginning with the Great Elder Ariṭṭha, greatly wise and skilful, after skilfully teaching many students in the Discipline, Doctrine and Abstract Doctrine, being expert in discrimination, together with innumerable thousands of monks who had destroyed the pollutants passed away.

Also the twelve Elder Nuns beginning with Saṅghamittā, and many thousands of nuns who had destroyed the pollutants, who were learned, greatly wise in the Discipline of the Victor’s tradition, after showing the light, shining forth, and lighting up the earth like a mass of fire, being pollutant-free, attained Emancipation.

King Uttiya made his reign for ten years, then, being oppressed by disease, he attained the state of impermanence, just so is the whole impermanent world heading for destruction.

translator’s note: the text here is translated from the Extended version of the Mahāvaṁsa, for more information see the preface to this series. Where the extended version and the original differ the text is italicised.

That man who, knowing that impermanence is very violent, strong and unstoppable, doesn’t grow weary of coming to existence, and being tired of it, doesn’t have disgust for wicked things and doesn’t delight in meritorious things, because of the strength of his great delusion, is one who, though knowing the truth, forgets it.

Written for the Faith and Invigoration of Good People
The Twentieth Chapter in the Great Lineage called
The Complete Emancipation of the Elders


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