The Women’s Kingdom

This is an interesting film about the Mosuo, a matrilinear society in China.

A fair part of the film is about their unusual sexual life, as Mosuo women do not marry, but have walking – or should it be walk-in? – marraiges, in which a male is allowed into their room for the night and has to leave in the morning.

The couples never live together, and any children from the liaisons live with their mother and uncles. Most kids are brought up therefore in an extended family, having not one father, but many.

Their lifestyle has attracted widespread publicity in China and some of their villages are now tourist destinations, both for hopeful Han men, and Han women, who like the arrangements, and presumably for the curious also.

Of course, this has had a dislocating effect on the traditional society, and has also led to the setting up of fake Mosuo homes, which are really just brothels.

The film also vists a village which is remote and quite unafected by all this, and both the men and the women seem to quite satisfied with the societal arrangements.


The Women's Kingdom 1

The Women's Kingdom 2

The Women's Kingdom 3

The Women's Kingdom 4


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