Events during November 2012

Donation from Bro. MV Nathan’s Concert of Buddhist Songs

Brother Nathan, his family and friends have kindly donated the full collection of the concert to Gotami Vihara with no deductions of any cost incurred. It was successfully held at Matic Hall, Jalan Ampang, KL with tickets sold at RM80 each. Total collection was RM10,580. A very big sadhu to Brother Nathan for his generosity.

Stress Management Retreat, 2-11 Nov, 2012

Venerable Bodhicitta kindly conducted a 10 day ‘Stress Management Retreat Among White Clouds Retreat’ for GV at Chin Swee Temple, Genting Highlands. This is co-organised with Genting Buddhist Society. 10 yogis who participated were so inspired that some planned to have a longer retreat with Ven Bodhicitta in April 2013, most probably for 3 months, at Vivekavana, a mountain top monastery in Bukitt Mertajam, Penang. A very big sadhu to Ven. Bodhicitta for her Dhamma teaching.

Offering of Robes To the Sangha

On 11 Nov 2012, Gotami Vihara offered Venerable Bodhicitta a robe and other requisites worth RM200.

On 18 Nov 2012, Gotami Vihara offered Venerable Saranankara a robe, alms bowl and other requisites worth RM155 on Kathina Day at Sentul Temple.

Request by Renunciants to stay in Gotami Vihara

Two renunciants have applied. They are:

Samaneri Santacari. She is an Australian on transit stay in GV from 5 -12 Dec. She is on her way to Myanmar for a long retreat and also needs help in applying for a visa to travel there.

Maechee Punnisa. She is a Malaysian Chinese who has meditated in the forest of Thailand. She originally applied to Gotami Vihara for long term stay, but subsequently informed that she may be able to get a one year visa in Thailand, in which case the stay will be shorter.

Barbara Yen,


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