Ven. Bodhicitta: Is Bhikkhuni Ordination against the Buddha’s Teaching

Ven. Bodhicitta

Ven. Bodhicitta

The Sri Lankan bhikkhuṇī Ven. Bodhicittā discusses whether the recent reintroduction of the bhikkhuṇī ordination in the Theravāda Buddhist tradition is against the Buddha’s Teaching or intentions.

The talk was recorded at Mahindarama, Penang, as part of a tour organised by the Support Network for Women Renunciants in Malaysia and Singapore in February 2012.


2 thoughts on “Ven. Bodhicitta: Is Bhikkhuni Ordination against the Buddha’s Teaching

  1. Through my/our practice of Buddhism and Yoga, I have always thought that I could and would react to things in a calm manner. In issues regarding The Sangha and those who have the mission to teach and spread The Dharma though, I have felt at times a degree of frustration and impatience. I do not think anyone’s interpretation of what the Buddha said or taught regarding this manner is relevant. Men and male – dominated Sanghas have, in my opinion, made a mess of Buddhism. They have come across as being sexist and interested in maintaining their power, authority and influence over those who seek their wisdom, and I use that word in a very light and somewhat sarcastic manner…..We need good teachers of The Dharma and women have proved themselves to be excellent teachers of The Dharma. There have been and continue to be too many stories and anecdotal evidence that shows that monks are misusing and abusing their position for selfish, sexual and personal gain…….I say this after having lived, worked, studied and travelled in Asia for 24 years and living next to a temple in Bangkok for over 20 years. The monks are not trusted and not liked. When monks do misuse their power and authority, or/and commit crimes, the worst that usually happens is that they are disrobed, but seldom prosecuted. The Sangha and people of the particular country worry and at times complain about losing face, but seldom look at and deal with the problems and issues surrounding those Monks and The Sangha when things such as this happen. Men and monks have shown themselves to be competitive with each other and taken their culture and weakened Buddhism through the application of cultural norms and mores to The Dharma of The Buddha. I have known of some people who have lost interest in Buddhism because of the behavior of the monks. I never go to the temple or give alms to monks in Asia. For a number of years I taught Buddhism, Yoga and meditation in a prison in Cambodia. Monks never went into the prison to minister to the men or teach them The Dharma……I know that all of this can sound overly harsh, but these are my experiences and my perceptions of these experiences…..

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